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“ Sometimes it’s hard to be direct.


Sometimes it’s hard to be direct.

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“ Here’s a teeny preview of the three pin-ups I made for Filthy Figments’ Food Porn Anthology!
I’m selling the originals on my Etsy! —> tomato, garlic, and strawberry.
Food Porn is going to be so delicious!



Here’s a teeny preview of the three pin-ups I made for Filthy FigmentsFood Porn Anthology

I’m selling the originals on my Etsy! —> tomato, garlic, and strawberry


Food Porn is going to be so delicious!

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Mermaid’s Kiss


My first proper attempt at drawing smut comics! From late last year, so there’s lots of things I’d do differently now, but still - this was fun!

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Tags: beautiful

“Now we’re getting to the fun part~
Four new pages of Gomorrah are now up on Filthy Figments!
“Over on Oh Joy Sex Toy, Matthew and I relax the only way we know how: WITH SOME HOT GAY PORN FROM COCKYBOYS. Read on for our in dick– errr, in depth analysis– uh, I mean, our thorough review!
This comic was brought to you by the support...


Over on Oh Joy Sex Toy, Matthew and I relax the only way we know how: WITH SOME HOT GAY PORN FROM COCKYBOYS. Read on for our in dick– errr, in depth analysis– uh, I mean, our thorough review

This comic was brought to you by the support of my patrons on Patreon, thanks guys!


Over on the Kickstarter to produce Oh Joy Sex Toy: Volume TWO we are about three basic book orders away from reaching 40k, which is our magic number to cover printing both Volume 2 AND re-printing Volume 1! So! Close!

If you haven’t gotten your pre-order for volume two in, you can do it riiiiiight this'a way!

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I have a comic up right now on Filthy Figments, a sex positive site that collects erotic comics by women for women (although I think anyone with good taste would enjoy them, personally!). Mine is set in 13th century Mongolia because I wanted to draw a crazy amount of beads and I think it’s pretty good! Here are 3 pages with the words removed.

I’ll have this story in print eventually, watch this space~

There are five new pages up of Queens of the Steppe! Erotic comics for all to enjoy.

“Page 3
two swordsmen on a mission
a sexy mission that will change their lives
second yaoi comic, name of Ace of Beasts



Page 3

two swordsmen on a mission

a sexy mission that will change their lives

second yaoi comic, name of Ace of Beasts <3 [nsfw]

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“Here is my #foodsona
I am the crunchy taco! The perfect balance of salty, crunchy, deliciousness. All of the artists are doing their own foodsona identities for the Food Porn anthology running right now on KICKSTARTER!...



Here is my #foodsona

I am the crunchy taco! The perfect balance of salty, crunchy, deliciousness.  All of the artists are doing their own foodsona identities for the Food Porn anthology running right now on KICKSTARTER! You can get a commission from three of our awesome artists!

And, of course, you can join in on the fun and draw your own. What food personifies you? WHAT’S YOUR FOODSONA?

Disclaimer: Filthy Figments does not recommend the use of sour cream for lubrication purposes. ;)


“My foodsona (mint chocolate chip ice cream!) for Filthy Figments!


My foodsona (mint chocolate chip ice cream!) for Filthy Figments! <3

[the rare self-portrait of aero]

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