Filthy Figments is looking for artists! 

You’ve got a new idea for a smutty comic and want to pitch? Awesome!  We are always looking for variety! Our aim is to continue to build a diverse selection of comics featuring characters of different body shapes, skin tones, ages, cultural background, and sexual orientations.

Filthy Figments is home of the internet’s premiere collection of erotic comics by women and non-binary cartoonists. We’re here to showcase what we find sexy, and the wide variety of ways to enjoy and create porn! We believe that everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, can find something to enjoy.



  • Short stories between 12 - 36 pages in length.
  • Sole Creators or complete teams who are 18 years or older.
  • Women (transgender women are welcome) and NB-Creators
  • Themes and Kinks not yet represented on our site (see our prompts list)
  • Comics with interesting stories and characters
  • NC-17 / R18 (aka adult comics)

You may submit multiple pitches, but consider QUALITY over quantity. Show us your very best work! No one wants to read about boring sex, so give us an engaging story with sexual tension and payoff.

We do not work on spec, but we do require some information from you before we can make a decision about whether we are going to green light a project. Download our submission packet for submission guidelines.

Submission deadline: AUGUST 31st.

Big news! Filthy Figments is looking for artists!